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  • Delhi College of Distance Education (DCDE), is a non-government organization and not affiliated with any other government agencies.
  • DCDE's all courses/programmes have been designed for the benefit of the working people in the rubber/polymer related industries. DCDE doesn't recommend our programmes to the fresher.
  • DCDE dispatches all documents (viz, Identity card, Study materials, Cheques, DD, Certificate, mark sheet etc) through well reputed couriers and postal services and sends all consignment details to the enrolled person through Email and SMS. DCDE shall not be responsible for any loss/delay if the consignee doesn't confirm the receipt within 3 days of delivery.
  • DCDE's study materials is written and edited by faculty member and printed at own press under supervision of faculty member and efforts have been made to error-free study materials but there may be proof error in study materials as we don’t guarantee for this error.
  • DCDE reserves the right to change, modify, cancel the data/venue/curriculum/contents etc. of the course without assigning any reason.
  • The person who choose to pay the course fee into installment and can’t pay the installments for continuous two months after the due date, his/her name shall be removed from register.
  • An interest @ 7% p.m shall be charged if installments is not paid on due date.
  • After receiving payment and online/offline application, the request for cancellation of application or refund of payment is not accepted. Think and decide well before submitting of form.
  • After enrollment, we provide a different contact numbers that is printed on Identity card. These numbers or email ID is accessible with only registered email ID and mobile number. We don’t accept calls or don’t respond you other than registered numbers.
  • A prior appointment is required to visit the campus for discussing with our technical team.  For details, visit our  Home Page 
DCDE Online Admission Form
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